Packaging For Your Retail Pharmacy Store So Much Easier, Quicker And Accurate

By the time your latest pharmaceutical company sales representative leaves your premises, there will no longer be any empty shelves. Nor will your back of store shelves be overcrowded with redundant goods. This is because you will have installed the latest software package that is tailor-made for the efficient running of your retail pharmacy store and always ensures that unit dose packaging goods received and dispensed are always accurate.

Your regular sales representative does not need to waste your time sitting in your offices or goods receiving chamber checking and re-checking invoices, and making sure (by checking and re-checking) that he has the correct number of units packaged, so as not to have to make a repeat delivery trip, not always guaranteed to secure the correct number of prescribed goods. The software package can be shared with your sales representative.

You can notify him well in advance and shipping over long distances can be expedited. Long before your shelves need to stand empty you will know that a fresh supply of goods is merely around the corner. Your regular medical practitioners also stand to benefit. The software package can be shared with them as well. They can make prescriptions with relative ease, having secured a clear view of its availability.

unit dose packaging

Also, communications are vastly improved. The doctor’s prescription is received well in advance, leaving you or your assistants with more than enough time to prepare the prescriptive medicine accurately and on time. Operating from a mall space, you can also use this software to cut down customers’ waiting times. You simply notify them electronically that their requested orders are prepared and ready for collection.

Henceforth, with the latest software package, your dose packaging work is so much easier, quicker and accurate.